It Is About Trust

We trust nature more than we trust those who try to replicate it...

Only Nature Do We Entrust With Our Skin


Nature never compromises our health and vitality with mass production inferior substitutes

At Natural Macadamia we believe the relationship you have with your body requires trust, never given lightly, always earned.


Outrageous claims to mask mass production chemical ingredients are less about your skins well-being and more about driving corporate profits. This lack of trust in mainstream products sent us on journey of discovery.


As a macadamia farm, we have long known the benefits of the Australian macadamia nut and it's rich nourishing oil.


Now we are unlocking these secrets from the Byron Bay Hinterland for you.


Australia’s indigenous wonder oil, enhanced by the skin care secret of the seas, seaweed extract. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, macadamia oil is a non-greasy, light high penetration oil, that promotes skin well-being and anti-aging through increased hydration and natural protection barriers.


Seaweed rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, acts as a moisture retention barrier, keep your skin vital and hydrated.

Natural macadamia oil and seaweed, only all natural skin and body care you can trust.

The Natural Macadamia Skin and Hair Range is a premium selection of natural body care products promoting skin health and vitality by utilising the best of what nature, and Australia, has to offer.


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